Choosing quality underground drain pipes

Underground drainage pipes come in different types of materials.  (Clay, Concrete, Cast Iron No-Hub, ABS  but PVC has become the most popular for residential use due to cost and the fact that it's easy to work with.  The installation process can turn daunting If there is a lack of knowledge.  That's why First Class Plumbing & Heating is here for you. PVC pipe lines can easily be cut and fixed hence are now widely used. In fact most houses and buildings that are built nowadays use PVC drain pipes. Before installing a drainage system for your house you should call FIRST CLASS to consult with one of our professional plumbing contractors, who can help you get a problem free drainage system according to your residential or commercial requirements. 

Advantage of installing PEX piping

PEX tubing or PEX piping has now been added to the plumbers and home builders’ wish list for its numerous benefits. PEX tubing is an investment worth every single penny as it can help you save a lot of money. PEX pipes are easy to install and cost less than copper and other piping materials. Since the process of installing the pipe lines is simple you can save on the labour cost. Moreover very less maintenance and repair works are required for PEX piping. PEX pipes are flexible and they are lighter in weight compared to copper piping. It can be even turned to 90 degree thus the need for an elbow fitting can be avoided. It can also be installed in longer runs without a coupling thus saving the extra cost.

Since it is light in weight plumber can easily deal with it without any extra help and it will also save a lot of time at the time of installation. Since the material is not made out of metal that corrodes and forms build-ups over time they are more convenient for the owner and require less maintenance. Plumbers love to work with PEX piping as they are very easy to work with. Just like an electrical cable it is very flexible and can be bend making it joint free and running in one long pipe line. Cutting a PEX pipe is as easy as cutting a cake unlike copper pipe lines that takes lot of effort and time to cut.

How to take care of your plumbing system

Plumbing issues at home are frustrating. Thinking about going through the process of calling a plumber and then fixing it after paying hefty repair charges is quite a tedious task. Considering the trouble that you have to go through getting frustrated is justified. It is true that major plumbing repair works have to be done by professional but small issues can be dealt on your own thus making the ordeal less expensive and convenient. There are few things that you can take care to avoid frequent plumbing issues like not flushing anything that is not to be flushed through the toilet. If something falls inside the toilet take it out instead of flushing it this will avoid blocks in the sewer pipe lines. The garbage disposal and your sink have to be carefully used and nothing should go into it other than what is allowed. Too much greasy stuffs getting down the sink will block the drain pipes and will need a plumber to clean it. Emptying the vessel by scrapping the leftover into the garbage before dumping it into the sink will prevent clogs in the sink drains.

Once in a while pour a solution of baking soda and vinegar into the drains to clear the drain pipe lines. Pour lots of hot water to flush down all the grease and other impurities forming inside the drain pipe lines. Thawing pipelines during cold weather will prevent bursting of pipelines. You need to keep the faucets running everyday day to prevent freezing of pipelines.

What type of PEX plumbing you need to choose

Most of the plumbers now recommend PEX pipe lines as they are more convenient to install and are cheaper than metal pipe lines. Since there are basically three types of PEX pipes people get confused on what to install. PEX is the most flexible one and is a plumber’s favourite as they are easy to install. The bends can be repaired easily with the help of a heat gun. It doesn’t coil up and even if there is a bend it can be straightened out easily. It is time tested and has been in the market for a long period of time hence are more reliable than all other forms of PEX piping. The two disadvantages that it has are that it has a high rate of chemical which is quite a concern for plumbing use. It also costs higher than the other varieties.

PEX B is the most favoured choice as they are cheaper and more durable. Most of the users are happy with its usage and are hence time tested. It is highly resistant to oxidation making it more durable and crack free for a long period of time. Any bends in this type of pipe lines cannot be repaired by a heat gun. To repair it you will have to use a coupling. It is rare for bends to appear though. PEX C is a less popular version of PEX piping. Reports of early oxidation have been found out with this type of PEX piping hence it is recommended to avoid it completely.

Why PEX piping is a better choice over copper piping?

There are many advantages for PEX piping over copper piping and ever since PEX piping has been introduced in the market it has dominating the world of plumbing. PEX pipes are like electric cables and are very flexible. It can be installed in one long running tube due to its flexible nature. Traditional copper pipes are difficult to cut and install and are hence very complicated for installation unlike PEX piping which can be handled easily. A handy tool is all that is needed to cut the PEX pipe and that too without much effort. A copper pipe not only takes longer to cut but it also takes extra time for reaming the end that is cut. PEX pipes are easy to connect to any fittings and valves. Since it easily stretches by compression it can be installed effortlessly and will also get back to its original size when needed. A copper pipe line need to be soldered to join and hence takes a lot of time.

It is easy to install a PEX pipe by joining your existing copper pipes with the help of brass fittings. To join a PEX pipe you need to connect one end of the PEX pipe to a compression ring and with the help of an expander tool you can enlarge the pipe and then slide it over to the connecting brass fitting once it is fitted it will shrink to fit the size to make a water tight connection. PEX pipes are light in weight and can be easily moved from one place to another unlike cooper pipe lines which are heavier and difficult to move.

What are sump pumps used for?

There are some places where the water table is high and hold chances for flooding. If you have a basement then it is almost certain that it will be flooded with water in such areas. Investing in a good sump pump will take care of such issues and will save you a lot of money on property damages. It helps to pump out excess water from your house. If your basement is flooded with water then use the sump pump to drain out the water. Water logging inside the house will damage the structure posing threat to the house. A sump pumps main role is to drain out the excess water and protect the building from water damages. A sump is a well like structure that collects the excess water and if the sump is filled with water it will overflow into the basement and flood the basement the water that is collected in the basement will seep into cracks and damage the property. The sump pump will force the water to flow out of your sump through a pipe which can be directed towards the city drain.

Not all homes will need to install a sump pump. Only those homes that have water flooding in the basement will require a sump pump. There are a few things that you need to look into while installing a sump pump. A submersible one will be ideal if the sump is deep enough to hold it. Covering the sump with a lid will help reduce the noise of the unit while it is functioning.

PEX pipe installation are cheaper and faster

PEX pipes works faster and is cheaper for installation. It requires very less time to put them together as compared to metal pipes that needs many joints. It has become quite popular among the building owners as they are more convenient in many ways compared to metal pipes. Heating PEX tubing system can be installed in less than half the time that you need to install a metal heating pipe line. PEX pipe units are cheaper to install and they are also stronger than the PVC pipes. PEX pipelines can cope with higher hot water pressure and are durable and reliable. The PEX pipes that are more than fifty years are still working fine without any problem. Installing these pipe lines you need not think about replacement or maintenance for a long period of time. Plumbers charge on the amount of work involved in installation and the duration of the installation. So those pipelines that are harder to install will cost you a hefty plumbing charge.

By doing a little research you can do the installation on your own. You don’t need any special tool to work with it. A stab-in or a compression fitting can be used to connect to other fittings and copper pipelines. It is not feasible for large projects as it can cost you a lot of money. Crimp ring and cinch clamps can also be used for its installation. A crimp ring is slide through the pipe and then compressed with a crimp ring tool. After doing this it will be ready for connecting to other pipelines and fittings.

How a dual flush toilet can save you money

Have you ever wondered while flushing the toilet how much water is wasted on each flush? A dual flush toilet can help you save water as it has a low and high volume flushing option. Each time you use the toilet it is not necessary to flush with more water and to save the water from wasting out a dual flush toilet can help you. By making the smart choice you can save half of the water that is used for flushing every day. Apart from saving a lot of money on the water bill you will also be able to do something good for the environment. In the dual tank flush there will be two levers in which one is for flushing a full tank and the other for flushing half tank. You need not have to dismantle the whole unit or tear your bathroom to install it. There is a dual flush retro kit which comes cheap and can be installed easily.

To install the unit you will have to close the water supply valve to the toilet and then drain the tank. To dry out the water completely a sponge can be used. Once you dry the water you need to disconnect the inlet fitting from the water supply. The screws that hold the water tank need to be unscrewed. Remove the connection of the flush handle and then unscrew the nut that holds the large flush valve. Now install the dual flush kit. Go through the instructions so that you will have a clear knowledge on how to install it. They will be a rubber gasket which is fixed inside to prevent leakage.

Different types of PEX pipes

PEX pipes are now widely used in both domestic and commercial plumbing requirements. It is sometimes referred to as Cross-linked polyethylene. It is used for various purposes like water piping, electrical cables, hydronic radiant heating and cooling systems etc. It is resistant to chemical reaction hence can also be used for transporting chemicals, oil etc. It is also suitable for sewage plumbing. There are three types of PEX pipes PEX-a, PEX-b and PEX-c. PEX-a is the strongest one and it is the most flexible one. It is manufactured by using peroxide method. The peroxide crystals are melted at a very high temperature. Since the material is very strong it won’t tear easily. It is suitable for all plumbing requirements and radiant heating. It requires very little joints and fittings. It is the most expensive among the PEX pipes.

The PEX-b pipes are made by saline and moisture cure methods. It is manufactured under optimal temperature. It is highly resistant to chlorine and prevents oxidation. This type of pipes is the cheapest among PEX pipes and is the most used ones due to which a large quantity is manufactured. It has also got the highest bursting pressure. It is slightly stiffer than PEX-a and are hence less flexible compared to the ‘a’ category. PEX-C is the pipes that are manufactures using Electronic Irradiation. These are softer than PEX-b but can break easily. They are environmental friendly for the manufacturers. PEX-c pipes are not widely used. The most commonly used ones are the PEX-a and PEX-b variety.

Benefits of installing a tankless water heater

Traditional water heaters have an overhead tank and you often have to go through the process of running out some cold water each time before getting the actual hot water. You may also have experienced a sudden flow of cold water in the middle of your bath when you have used up the hot water stored in a traditional water heater and you will have to wait for sometime by closing the faucet to get hot water flowing again. All these can be avoided by installing a tankless water heater. Tankless water heater is compact and can be installed very easily. You will start getting hot water as soon as you turn on the faucet. Since water is heated only as per required it can save you a lot of money as compared to a traditional water heater. It works as soon as the faucet is turned on triggering the device that activates when the water starts to run.

Traditional water heater with a storage tank will heat the water and reheat it even if you are not using the hot water hence consuming more energy. The on and off cycle of a traditional water heater is more than a tankless water heater and that is why a tankless water heater is considered to be a cheaper option in the long run. Since it does not have an overhead tank it is much smaller and can save a lot of space. There won’t be any leakage issues as well since there is no storage tank.